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Advice from Iwori Ojuani: The religious man is peeled like a corn cob

Tips Iwori Ojuani

Iwori Ojuani is the keeper of the tomb hole.

The religious in this sign is forbidden to cross holes, browse inside tombs and attend funerals.

You are a dead man by nature so your home should not be missing good assist for the Eggunes, who will be in charge of fighting their battles and attracting the I will go their way.

You must sit in the spiritual vault to gradually gain growth.

Keep in mind that you must represent your spiritual guide in a material way and provide him with differentiated assistance.

Obatalá's children do not live tied to bad vices

In this sign Obatala He went to his children's house and left it disgusted because of his behavior and Eleggua When he saw what happened, he convinced the Orisha to return to the ilé taking with him a blessing.

The Orisha who owns all the heads warned his children that if they did not see an improvement in their behavior, he would withdraw the benefits granted, since Baba would not admit a life of vices for his descendants.

The religious is peeled like a corn cob

In Iwori Ojuani the person is forgotten after they have benefited from it, indulging in bad vices.

Orunmila says that you are peeled like a corncob, that you must get a job and begin to better manage your earnings so that you do not find yourself helpless in times of scarcity.

When the religious takes this sign, the Osha-Ifá ceremonies should be done for free, otherwise the godfather will be delayed. 

Put yourself first and pay attention to their needs.

You cannot under any circumstances allow those around you to live off their sacrifice, because in this letter people take advantage of Iwori Ojuani knowing that he will deny them nothing.

Ifá says that you are a person who sacrifices yourself for all who visit your home and no one is grateful to you.

You need to start putting yourself first and pay more attention to their needs.

To keep the osogbos out of your life, you should sing and play music at home.

In Iwori Ojuani, the person to remove the osogbos from his life must sing and put music in his house, in this way the spirits will recognize him and they will be able to guide fortune towards his door.

You cannot neglect your appearance because in this way the osogbos will reach you, stay neat and clean and your life will move towards prosperity.

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