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Tips from Iwori Osa: DO NOT go into debt or you will pay your bills with life

Tips Iwori Osa

Monetary debts are one of the prohibitions more important that marks the sign of Ifá Iwori Osa, because because of these the religious can be involved in situations in which his life is in danger.

They are also taboo gambling and betting, Ifá says that the money you pawn will not be recovered.

You cannot allow anyone to benefit from your efforts and claim to live off your sacrifice.

This letter speaks of the presence of parasitic microorganisms that must be eradicated, but also of people who come to you just to get something out of it.

For this Ifá, if the person does not respect the word of Orunmila and the other Orishas, ​​he ends up losing himself, being carried away by misfortune.

In this sign, cheese is born, a food for which you have a certain predilection.

Orula indicates in Iwori Osa to receive Orisha Oko so that stability and fertility come into her life.

Share your wishes and concerns with Yemayá and Obatalá

In Iwori Osa speaks Yemayá Mayelewo, a saint who is owed devotion and respect in this sign.

Where Orula indicates that:

  • A bouquet of red roses is taken to the sea to said Orisha,
  • that you talk to her there and tell her your wishes and your sorrows, so that you no longer carry the worries that torment you.

In this odun you must remain alert because wars are coming in your destiny, which you will win if you rely on Obatala, holy owner of the human mind.

Baba advises you to use intelligence rather than strength to succeed, because true plans do not come to fruition if there is no good strategy to back them up.

In this Ifá the fork, plate and knife were born, respect the table

Iwori Osa is an odun of betrayal, where the enemy taunts the person to their face in order to provoke them.

Under this letter were born the fork, plate and knife elements that symbolize the family and the need for the unity of its members to win.

It also speaks of the unity that is needed between these three utensils so that man can carry out the action of eating and not end up getting dirty or wasting food.

This is an Ifá of refinement where the religious must respect the table and it is forbidden to eat with their hands.

You cannot allow anyone to sit at your table with dirty hands.

Be obedient so your good luck doesn't change

Ifá says that changes are coming in your life, where you will come to occupy important positions and will continue enjoying these achievements as long as you are not disobedient.

You will be tempted to fall into different traps set by your enemies.

In Iwori Osa Elegguá ate mouse to save Olofin.

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