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Tips from Iwori Otrupon: Prepare for the future, but live for the present

The study is the basis of success for the religious ruled by Iwori Otrupon.

By studying Ifa, man becomes recognized on earth because he has the responsibility of saving the religious people who meet at the door of his home.

This sign reveals to man the great importance it possesses orunmila in his life and explains that every so often he must slaughter a hen in gratitude to the wisest of the Orishas.

In Iwori Otrupon the person recently moved house and encountered disturbances and bad luck in his new abode.

This letter advises you to change your home again and while you are doing the paperwork you should ebbo the house so that you have peace in it and the negative currents calm down.

Never turn your back on the unfortunate because their luck could change

Ifá says that you must help the people around you selflessly, through charity and humility you will receive the joy and reward you deserve at the hands of Olodumare.

Never turn your back on the unfortunate because your luck could change and being in the other person's shoes you will desperately want someone's help.

In this letter the man is blind with passion and can lose his sanity by committing a crime.

Orunmila recommends that you not throw emotional ties on anyone because through this type of work, misfortune can come when the sorcery falls on you.

You will find the osogbo in propped up places

Avoid exposing yourself excessively to the sun and inclement weather in general, in this way you will take care of your health.

Invest money in repairing your house, since the home is the only material refuge that human beings have while we are on the plane of the earth.

Orula advises you not to go to places that are propped up or threatened with collapse because in these places your life could be in danger.

In your work an enemy threatens your permanence

In the place where you work professionally there is a person who threatens your permanence, go to the foot of Orunmila so that the great oracle of Ifá tells you what to do about it.

  • You will find love in a person who has been marked by life but has a great heart.
  • Thanks to Eshú you will know other lands.
  • Set goals according to the moment you live in, it is not a bad thing to have aspirations, but it is wrong to let life go by planning the future.
  • Love and educate your children, in them will be your true happiness.

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