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Advice from Iwori Otura: The religious when surrounding himself with beautiful things attracts Iré

Tips Iwori Otura

The Ifá of the curious is Iwori Otura, odun where the person ends up getting in trouble for inquiring where they are not called.

Orunmila recommends modifying your behavior so that due to your excessive desire to know you do not end up suffering a hot flash.

You should not comment on matters that do not concern you because if the person involved makes a decision influenced by your advice and your plan comes out as you do not expect, you will be the culprit for your bad judgment.

Ifá says: know how to appreciate what you have obtained with sacrifice

Ifá says that you are a dissatisfied person and that if you want to be truly happy you must stop seeing the negative side of life.

You must begin to appreciate the good that is in each bad action and take experience of it, for when better times come you will know how to appreciate what you have obtained with sacrifice.

Don't make good people pay for the mistakes of others

In Iwori Otura, the religious destroys his achievements in moments of anger, as fury makes him lose his head, preventing him from reasoning.

Although many people have come into his life whose true intentions wereañaSo not all human beings are the same.

Do not make people who come to you in good faith pay for the broken dishes left by the ghosts of the past, because with this attitude the only thing you will achieve is to be alone.

In this Ifá it is the duty of the man to take care of the woman

Receive Yewá so that the stability you need may come into your life.

In this odun you must take good care of Oshun and make you a beautiful gift.

In this Ifá it is the man's duty to take care of the woman because with love the relationship will flourish, becoming stronger and more durable.

You can't use anyone's soap for bañarse, because with this you will acquire diseases and osogbos.

Odun that marks development and I will go: Tips

  • When the religious wishes to have prosperity, he must buy a duck and release it to walk inside the house.
  • Beware of accidents especially domestic and automobile, as the latter can bring fatal consequences.
  • In Iwori Otura the religious must surround himself with beautiful things to attract prosperity, this is an odun that marks development and I will go.
  • Consult your doubts with Orula so that you do not fail.
  • Respect women especially pregnant women, so that you do not suffer disgust because of them. 

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