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Advice from Iwori Yekun: The religious is harmed by the trail and the routine

Tips Iwori Yekun

The footprints left in life they are one of the main teachings transmitted by Iwori Yekun.

It is necessary for the religious to build as he passes through the earthly plane and not sow destruction with his presence.

In this Ifá we talk about the importance of knowledge and its usefulness for the realization of good, a certainty of which great results will be obtained. 

Children are the biggest mark Iwori Yekun leaves on earth

These are fruits of love and family dedication.

Children must be educated in respect and integrity, knowing the importance of the family and its preservation.

Taking into account the sacrifice of their parents and the value of the material and spiritual things they possess, so that when their parents are elderly they will be able to repay them with love for the care and dedication given during their childhood.

The trail and the grind in Iwori Yekun, through them will be harmed

In Iwori Yekun you do not walk barefoot, nor do you leave footprints in the mud or sand, because the enemy and the osogbos will follow your trail to harm you.

In this sign the man had a routine that he followed without skipping a single step, the enemy trying to find a way to dañaLo studied their customs achieving his goal.

Therefore, Ifá recommends you break with the routine and do new activities, not always frequent the same places, or walk daily through the same streets.

Avoid frequenting the countryside, as you may encounter misfortune

For this Ifá to orunmila they wanted to blackmail him because the enemies knew his secrets.

You must be measured with what you speak so that in future your arguments are not used against you.

Avoid frequenting the countryside, because in this place you can meet misfortune.

Ifá says that you will be prone to betrayal, therefore, you must be selective in choosing your friends and your life partner.

Do not commit adultery, because as a result of this you may suffer a great embarrassment. 

Gestational interruptions are not contraceptive methods

By this letter the woman should not have pregnancy interruptions unless there are medical problems that warrant it, since gestational interruptions are not contraceptive methods.

In Iwori Yekun they suffer from:

  • Gastrointestinal and circulatory disorders.

We share other signs of Ifá, and more of its wisdom.

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