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5 Tips from a Santera for this year by Oddun regent Ika Fun

Tips letter of the year 2021

The ruling Oddun this 2021 according to the Letter of the Year is Ika Fun, this sign brings us the 16 commandments of Ifá that are possessors of great ancestral strength.

  • As witnesses this year come the signs Odi Leke and Irete Ogbe.
  • Rule the mighty deity of the seas Olokun and I accompanied himaña the beautiful goddess of love Oshun.

You can read the "Letter of the year" by CLICKING HERE

This year in our religion of Osha-Ifá we must always bear in mind that discipline begins at home and we must know how to behave.

We can offer, we can cleanse ourselves, but if there is no respect for our ancestors, our Oshas and Orishas, ​​our Egguns and all the entities that administer us, we do nothing.

Let's not get sick of the legacy they left us, let's recover the lost blessings and let's never turn our faces to the wrong done.

We must save ourselves by doing ebbó and cleaning, but the most important of all Ebbó is that of conduct.

My tips for this year 2021:

Letter of the year 2021 be good religious
This year 2021 we must be good religious and be united

This year we must take into account many aspects:

1 To apologize especially to our ancestors for all the faults that we have committed or do.

2 The Orishas give us advice but it depends mainly on us and on our conscience if we do it right or wrong.

3 If you are consecrated, you should read your Itá notebook well, look at your prohibitions, the advice that was marked for you and how to direct your life.

Going by those advice that perhaps they gave us 20 years ago and we do not take it as it is, it is our duty and responsibility as religious, then we blame Osha for no reason.

4 It will be a year of many initiations in our religion, but we must bear in mind that we must take care of them and guide them with faith, doing everything well according to our religious rules.

Because many alleys want to believe, but they are held back by the bad work of the scammers who only stain our legacy.

5 This is a year of communication between religious, we must leave behind the pretentious character and self-centeredness of many, “I know more than you and I can do everything”, as if they were Olofin on earth.

Arbures let us protect and take care of the Osha fulfilling our ancestors and Orishas.

Ifá says: An imperfect Ifá man can make it perfect if he is able to take the advice given by Orunmila. 

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