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Advice from a Santera to start the Year: 10 simple rituals

On this earth we do not possess religious knowledge above anyone else, we only learn something new every day and we humbly share our knowledge to the extent that we can do so with the blessing and permission of our elders, the Orishas and Egguns who administer us.

To you who accompanied usañan each day a thousand thanks and blessings for allowing us to bring you our words, advice, and religious information that we believe nourishes our knowledge and helps us grow spiritually.

Every day we must defend and strengthen as good religious our Yoruba religion based above all on humility and respect, ethics that we must adhere to to receive blessings from our Orishas and Egguns.

Whenever one year ends and another begins, before starting the new cycle it is appropriate to do small works, ebboses, offerings, spiritual and holy baths, which help us to close stages and attract the good.

In this way we are preparing to leave the negative behind and receive new positive energies, starting the year. With the right foot, as the saying goes.

You can do the ritual you want on these dates, but I always remind you to do it with faith and I assure you it will bring its fruits with many blessings.

And remember, it is not just faith in what you do, but in your Orishas and Egguns that protect and protect you every day, they are the ones who fight battles in your favor, the ones who wake you up with a smile and give you the joy of living. .

10 Rituals to start the new year by eliminating osogbos and attracting prosperity

  1. It is very good to scrub and clean the floor of the house or business with white flowers, cascarilla and milk.
  2. Sprinkle the inside and outside corners of your home or business with a little cornmeal, rice, sesame, and a pinch of cinnamon for plenty.
  3. Have fresh natural flowers set from the 31st to the 1st for the blossoming of luck.
  4. Strip the house with a bundle of 7 segments with 7 marpacific flowers (the hibiscus flower).

To do the dispossession, we will pass the herbs through all the corners and spaces of the home.

Before the ritual you will blow rum and tobacco smoke to the bundle of flowers. Then you must burn that bunch of herbs or throw it away outside the house.

This ritual is on behalf of the 7 African powers to ward off negative energies.

We share the original and oldest prayer to the 7 African Powers (click here)

  1. Make baths with orange slices añagiving the water cinnamon and bay leaves. You must light a purple candle and do it with faith, these serve to close cycles before the end of the year.
  2. The aroma that the palo santo gives off purifies and cleanses the environment, make the smoke reach the corners of the home or business.
  3. You must change places or move, even with minimal movement, the furniture in the house so that your world spins positively and the energy flows.
  4. Have 5 very beautiful oranges as a centerpiece so that it collects the negative and attracts prosperity.
  5. Do not forget to entertain the little one of the Elegguá house to bring you the Iré, the firmness and stability that you need in your life. Look some offerings to Eleguá (click here)
  6. At 12 o'clock at night he opens all the doors and windows to let go of the past and give thanks to Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare and ancestors for everything that has arrived and what is going to arrive.

Well, here I offer you with humility and respect my advice for the new year, some taught me, others I learned on my religious path and others have been inherited.

May you end this year with many blessings and welcome the next one with health, love, peace and tranquility, the most important pillars in our life. Ashé for you.

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