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Tips from Obara Ika: Make Ebbo Before Facing Any Situation

Tips Obara Ika

The religious ruled under the odun of Ifá Obara Ika you must do ebbó before facing any situation, so that you will be victorious.

Do not wait for the answer you are expecting to be negative, do ebbo before so that everything turns out the way you want.

Some powerful tips from the Obara Ika sign:

  • Do not go to places where you are not well received, as an arayé (problem) will await you.
  • A coworker has defamed you and that is why your opinion of you is bad.
  • Work organized and comply with what is established so that this opinion is reversed, do not worry about making those who do you wrong pay, because life will take care of putting everyone in their place.
  • Karma will slander this person by giving him a spoonful of his own medicine.

Oggún and Orunmila will reward him with an iré

In this Ifá the religious must be charitable to those in need, so that when good luck knocks on his door he knows that by continuing to do so you will send a part of his fortune to those who require it without expecting anything in return.

Oggún and Orunmila will reward you with an iré, know how to take advantage of the opportunity that comes your way so that you do not regret it after not having made the most of it.

Actions out of time are worth nothing

You have dreamed of going to live in other lands, be careful because you could suffer many misfortunes there.

Do not jump into the void in the desperate fulfillment of this experience, wait for the right moment to do it, because actions out of time are worth nothing.

Listen to the advice of your family so that you do not fail in life.

Don't be fooled by fairy tales

Protect your children and give them a proper education so that they will be good men and women in the future.

One of the sayings of this Ifá is appearances engañan:

  • Do not be fooled by fairy tales, because in the long run the great and luxurious palaces will be torn down and the ruins will be left in their place.

Do not give your trust to someone who is not worthy of deserving it, because in this odun the person is the daughter of betrayal.

Divine justice is born in this sign

  • The presence of divine justice is born in the sign obara ika.

It is said of this virtue that it takes time but it arrives and ends up giving everyone what they deserve.

Never try to take revenge with your bare hands, hope that Constitution he will know how to put each one in the place he deserves, because before his eyes no one escapes and although he loves all his children equally, this passion does not blind him.

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