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Advice from Obara Irete When the truth comes, the lie retires!

Tips Obara Irete

Ifá says in this sign that when the truth arrives the lie is ashamed and retires.

Always live up front and do not pretend to be different for convenience, be satisfied with what you have and do not stop to think if other people have more fortune than you, because in this life everything comes at its time, neither before nor after.

In this odun it is forbidden to tell lies, because in the long run the liar is exposed and loses his prestige.

Don't get romantically involved with married people

Do not commit adultery, because with this action you will lose your marriage.

If you are single, do not get involved with married people because you will lose your luck and you will be very disappointed when you realize that the relationship for which you had bet everything will not leave your partner to formalize with you.

This letter marks receive Hate the foreman of the dead to:

  • Health,
  • seat,
  • repose,
  • long life and
  • expiration of causes and difficulties.

Oggún the Orisha owner of iron is the protector of Obara Irete

In this Oggún sign, the Orisha who owns the iron is the protector of the religious, a saint to whom you owe devotion and respect and with whom you are committed to being a good believer.

  • Listen to the advice that Oggún want to send him and thus he will get rid of the osogbos that may be in his way.

Oggún is a holy warrior, this deity will make your battles his own and will deliver every last breath for you and your family, asking only in return that you maintain a responsible behavior and use intelligence to make better decisions.

On the way an Ifá priest Oggún lives next to Ozain in the courtyard of the house.

In this letter the person must receive the hand of Orula

You were not born to shred herbs, as the pataki of this sign relates that Orula shredded herbs to use them in consecrations and Ozain, dissatisfied with Orula's actions, made her children sick.

In this letter the person must receive the hand of Orula so that health and stability come to his life.

Drinking water was born in Obara Irete

It is in Obara Irete that drinking water was born, odun where the religious must be very jealous when collecting water to drink, because being contaminated will cause serious ailments in those who consume it.

You must be like water, clean and transparent.

Be clear about your intentions from the start so that your actions are not misinterpreted.

Ifá warns you that water that remains stagnant becomes corrupted, which is why you must make an effort to improve yourself every day so that, far from being spoiled, you become more valuable.

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