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Advice from Obara Logbe: here the passage of the Blessed Sacrament on earth is born

Tips Obara Logbe

Ogbara Logbe odun where the deceased are represented by means of the fan, an article that is placed on the vault to call upon the feminine spiritualities that position themselves as guiding and protective entities of the religious.

In this letter the Ifá drum was born, a ceremony in which the babalawo must touch Orula in gratitude for all that he has received.

In Ogbara Logbe, the board ebbó ceremony was born

Odun that marks rivalry between neighbors and misunderstandings related to coexistence problems.

Orula advises you to achieve your independence, in order to have your space, time and resources at will.

In Ogbara Logbe was born the ceremony of making ebbo from the board, an important ritual, considered the strongest and most complete astral cleansing that the religious can receive.

Ifá says:

  • That you must be very careful because the walls have ears, many times when you speak private matters a person spies on you to find out your secrets.
  • Trust no one and do not share your plans so that they are not overshadowed by envy and bad thoughts.

The passage of the Blessed Sacrament on earth

The passage of the Blessed Sacrament on earth was marked by the first Yoruba in Ogbara Logbe.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. Advice from Obara Logbe recommends to the religious:

  • Stripping yourself in the spiritual vault with a basil mallet when the clock strikes twelve.
  • At noon and at midnight it is prudent for you to be indoors so that you do not receive the impact of the serene or the most intense rays of the sun on the leri (head).

This is an odun where the person must live in spiritual peace, as it is irradiated by Obatalá, the Orisha who owns all heads.

In this letter the ashé of money comes from the hands of a woman

Ogbara Logbe marks the reinforcement of the Warrior Orishas so that the individual can face adversity with more spiritual strength.

In this letter the ashé of the money comes from the hands of a woman, be respectful with women especially with your mother so that you always enjoy the blessing of Olofin.

In this sign the religious is king far from his native land.

Orula says that nobody knows what he has until he loses it

You must continue to grow professionally and spiritually in order for you to know true progress.

Do not allow debauchery under your roof, because, even if you are not involved in the events, your name will come out.

Orunmila says that in this life no one knows what he has until he loses it:

  • Know how to take care of the material and spiritual goods you have so that in the future there are no regrets.

La indecision and fear are bad advisers

  • Be clear about what you want so you don't lose track of your purposes.
  • In this letter, indecision and fear are bad advisers.
  • Sign where the rivalry between the children of Shango and Oshún arises, so the individual governed by this Ifá must respect both deities and their children.

We share some Odun de Ifá:

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