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Advice from Obara Meyi: Letter where the religious comes to earth to be king

Tips Obara Meyi

The government of the two kings was born in Obara Meyi, Odun de Ifá where two individuals compete to get a crown.

In this letter the person should not rest until they achieve their goals, because there will always be someone who will compete against them.

The religious ruled by this Ifá is a competitive person with a strong character, says Orula that:

The day you change your way of being and lower your guard, the enemy will overcome you.

Letter where you come to earth to be king, because Obara Meyi represents:

  • Head,
  • wisdom and
  • the light that illuminates the path.

In this sign the person is accompaniedaña a spirit with a tendency to Palo Mayombe, an entity that wishes to be represented by means of a foundation.

You will inherit a religious garment that you must care for for posterity.

With an Ebbó with corn at the foot of Elegguá you will save yourself from the osogbos.

In Obara Meyi the religious must respect the corn, because through this grain many blessings will come to you and your family.

Corn symbolizes:

  • The wealth,
  • prosperity and
  • food.

Three essential elements in the life of human beings.

This food will serve you for the realization of ebbos at the foot of Eleggua to save oneself from the osogbos (difficulties).

In this Ifá the strength and vitality of the human being are born

Shango in Obara Meyi defeats your enemies, lean on the Orisha who owns the candle to win your wars.

In this Ifá the strength and vitality of the human being are born, it is a male odun.

Impulsivity governs the religious ruled by Obara Meyi, to such a degree that you must avoid fights at all costs, because it could kill or seriously injure your opponent.

You must attend to Eggun so that in his life everything flows

In this sign, infidelity is punishable by death, as a result of this phenomenon, marriages are destroyed and families go to war.

  • Remember that in this Odun you must attend to Eggun (spirit) so that everything in your life flows correctly, because the spirits will be responsible for putting in your destiny what is truly convenient for you.

Do not be blind to the truth and thus you will NOT live engañado

Respect and listen carefully to the advice that the Orishas have to offer you, so that the obstacles that may affect you do not turn into greater evils.

  • Live aware of your virtues and your defects, do not be blind to the truth and thus you will not live engañado.
  • Do not give your love to those who do not know how to value it, because in this sign the religious is the child of disappointment.

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