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Advice from Obara Ofun: The virtue of interpretation is born in this odun

Tips Obara Ofun

The virtue of interpretation is born in the Obara Ofun sign.

In this letter all men are faced with the same phenomenon and none sees it in the same way.

Recounts one of the patakis belonging to this sign that:

On one occasion Olofin went to the Ifá priests to predict the future.

The great Orisha was afraid of knowing if some misfortune would appear on his way.

These, when making the consultation, communicated to the supreme deity that there would be nothing to worry about.

Olofin, when leaving there, walked calmly to his home, but weeks later all the tranquility and joy would disappear, because his firstborn had died unexpectedly.

Obara Ofun marks unexpected events, but at the same time talks about events that can be prevented and due to ignorance falls into misadventures.

The religious governed by this sign must learn to interpret, because his success or failure will depend on this virtue.

Ifá says that:

  • Life cannot be left in the hands of fate because it can become treacherous and the religious can end up losing everything due to carelessness.

Keep your mind busy on your projects

You must focus your life on growing as a person.

There is no worse osogbo for Obara Ofun Instead of wasting time, use your free time to learn something new.

Keep your mind on your projects and don't waste a second on gossip.

This is a letter that warns the person of the need to be responsible, mainly at home and at work, places where they will see the need to make accurate decisions.

Help others as much as you can

The Councils of Obara Ofun say that:

  • You should not make promises that you know you cannot keep.

Do not perform works for sick people or promise them health, because each human being arrives on the earth plane with a time and a mission to fulfill.

Help your neighbor as far as you can, do not make meaningless sacrifices or offerings to deities that will have a preposterous end.

In Obara Ofun defends the religious Oggun the Orisha owner of the iron

In Obara Ofun defends the religious Oggún the Orisha owner of iron, who warns him:

  • Be careful not to suffer falls from great heights, car accidents and other misadventures, since the loss of the lower limbs is one of the osogbos of this sign.

Work in the name of Oggun:

Refresh Oggun with coconut water and melon, so that the iron touches his body and if it does, it is only to save his life.

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