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Advice from Obara Ojuani: Take advantage of wisdom as a defense weapon

Tips Obara Ojuani

The consecration of the great sages of the Yoruba Pantheon was born in this odun.

Ifá where the person must study religion, because in the future thanks to their knowledge they will have a religious people at the door of their ilé (house), in search of:

  • Crown,
  • help and
  • mainly health.

The religious governed under this letter You must know how to take advantage of wisdom as a defense weapon, because only through intelligence can you achieve your goals in life.

Obara Ojuani warns the individual that he must be responsible for ensuring the care and upbringing of his children.

In this sign, the father can lose one of his descendants violently without having details about the event, therefore, children are instructed to be cautious and avoid compromising situations and bad company.

Take hold of Obatalá to overcome wars and difficulties

You are a medium and in the future you will ride spirits.

La cascarilla It is one of the ritual elements that cannot be missing in your saint's room:

  • Clean with balls of cascarilla and thus you will purify your astral and the energies in your house will flow better,
  • You can crush them and blow them through the ilé or throw them in water with cologne and white flowers and wash them down.

Wear as much white as you can and stick to the Orisha father Obatalá to overcome wars and difficulties.

The one who knows how to await the arrival of better opportunities becomes king

In this sign, the one who knows how to patiently await the arrival of better opportunities and does not opt ​​for the first option that comes his way becomes king.

Ritual to make a request:

When the religious wishes to be granted a special request:

  1. He must wait for a rainy day and goes out to the patio of his house, opens his mouth and when rainwater falls, he blows it,
  2. and then looking at the sky he makes his wish to mother nature.

Obara Ojuani should not take any stranger to live in his ilé

In this Ifá Obatalá abandoned the earth because the yam had invaded his house.

Elegguá who loved this tuber went to Baba's palace and took everything, warning the great Orisha that he could return home, since he had taken the plague.

In this sign, a person unexpectedly comes to live in the religious's house and begins to take over everything.

The presence of this new tenant will even mean for Obara Ojuani the abandonment of his house and his marital separation.

The only way for the religious to recover what was lost is by going to Elegguá so that the Orisha intercedes and solves the situation as he did in the past to help Obatalá.

Orula warns the person that:

  • They do not raise other people's children or assume responsibilities that do not correspond to them.

This sign speaks of usurpation and theft, someone who surrounds you wants to take your place.

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