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Ifá Tips for Obara Okana: An Odun of Rivalries and Whims

Tips Obara Okana

Obara Okana is an odun who talks about:

  • Curses,
  • bad thoughts and
  • unfortunate wishes towards you.

Even from people whose own blood runs through their veins.

These curses may be subject even to the moment you were inside the womb.

This sign alerts the religious that he must break that letter if he wishes to have a prosperous future, so he is advised to go to the bottom of Orula, the great fortune teller of Ifá.

During inclement weather Obara Okana must take shelter

In this letter the sudden arrival of natural phenomena was born, manifesting in a violent way, events in which there could be loss of human life.

Due to the aforementioned, Obara Okana cannot leave his house while inclement weather is in force, because he will have a high probability of being injured.

Obara Okana is a person who treasures great charisma, which is why he is envied by those around him.

Do not share your projects with malicious people because just by harming you they will be able to steal your ideas and initiative.

Privacy in this letter is a great luxury to achieve success.

In this Ifá by whim and despair the person is lost

When Obara Okana is the ruling sign when drawing the letter of the year, a high-ranking person in the country will find himself in a critical state of health.

In this Ifá, the whim loses the person, leading him to make continually wrong decisions, paths that could lead him to total perdition.

Do not be infatuated with anything or anyone.

Analyze if what you want so much and that is denied to you is worth it, and if you really are willing to lose everything for something that you do not know for sure if it will turn out as you expect.

Don't let your life move on impulse, replace this with:

  • Reasoning and
  • serenity.

Take only responsibility for your actions and be true to your awareness

Orula says that you should only assume responsibility for your actions and that it is strictly forbidden to take responsibility for the mistakes of others under your name, because your reputation will be affected while the other person will enjoy immunity from the facts.

  • Under this letter the religious excels at work for his talent.
  • Do not venture into fields where your aptitude will be underutilized because you will not thrive in those fields.

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