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Advice from Obara Oshe, where the main Osogbo is arrogance

Tips Obara Oshe

Ifá says that the apprentice observes the teacher in order to improve himself.

In this odun one of the missions of the religious is to nourish himself with knowledge, because when he has a good guide, great insights are reached.

The main osogbo of Obara Oshe is:

  • Arrogance, since man comes to believe himself the most educated being in the world.

Be humble and keep in mind that no matter how well prepared you may be, there will always be someone who will treasure a little more virtues.

In this Ifá there is no contest Orula's word, because the religious suffers serious consequences due to this lack of respect.

In Ogbara Oshe the coup was born

It is in the Ogbara Oshe odun that the coup was born.

The pataki relates that a master carpenter hired a young man who had a modest life, but who had a fierce desire to learn.

Over the years and thanks to his dedication, the young man came to acquire more refined standards than his teacher.

The arrival of prosperity in his life was accompanied by self-sufficiency and excess of ambition, defects that led him to become a traitor..

Your work and your love relationship must be supported by the truth

  • When the religious feels disturbed, his godfather should beg his head with fruits to refresh his lerí (head).
  • Stay away from gossip and slander and your life will be more productive and happy.
  • Ifá prohibits in this sign eating tamales, untangling skeins of thread and clarifying gossip.
  • In this letter the man built his house with mud and in the first rain he was left helpless.

Remember: Your work and your love relationship must be supported by the truth about who you are and what you have, because in the first setback you can lose everything.

In the heat of euphoria it can give you a heart attack

In Obara Oshe the bees defend themselves with the stinger and instantly die.

You must learn to be prudent and when you go to defend any criteria do so from the serenity, because in the heat of the euphoria you can give you a heart attack.

  • Says Orula that when you disengageaña stop fighting.
  • Learn to listen to your spirits and you will wander less in life.

The greatest teaching of this sign is that:

  • In life a clean heart is better than money, excessive ambition will lead a person to failure.

Other powerful tips from the Odun de Ifá:

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