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Advice from Obara Otrupon: Your happiness is with a mature person

Tips Obara Otrupon

Love is one of the things Obara Otrupon loses sleep over.

The religious ruled by this odun is in love by nature, he likes to be courted as well as courting.

Obara Otrupon will find happiness with a mature person, because at his side he needs a love that knows how to understand him and is clear about what he wants in life.

In this Ifá the turtle misled its enemies and managed to defeat them

This is the odun where the turtle misled its enemies and thus managed to defeat them.

When this odun comes out on a mat, the religious is advised to have a turtle in his house and use the water in which it is alive to cleanse the ilé (house):

  • Getting rid of sorceries and
  • attracting prosperity to your door.

You must be like the turtle, go at your own pace, being able to overcome the obstacles that are in your destiny, unknowingly finding yourself closer to victory.

Offering a rooster to Shangó and Yemayá

In Obara Otrupon, a rooster is offered to Shangó and another to Yemayá, protective deities of the religious, through this offering:

  • Thank the Orishas and
  • strengthen them spiritually.

Ifá says that:

You must respect Oggun, holy regent of the operating room, so that if the iron must touch your body, it is only to save you.

Only by making ebbo Obara Otrupon manages to advance

You can not surround yourself with backward people, look for the company of those who share your same interests and want to get ahead in life.

  • just doing ebbo Obara Otrupon manages to advance, you must establish yourself in religion so that you can achieve your goals.

Your enemies want you to lose your position, do not give anyone the pleasure of seeing you in such a situation and do your part to overcome the obstacles that life wants to put in your way.

Keep your head cool so he'll be with you

  • Skin and soft tissue diseases prevail in this Ifá, take care of injuries that may suffer severe complications for the body.
  • Respect coconut and peanuts, foods that are taboo in this sign.
  • You must not baptize children.
  • Keep your head cool by making yourself rogations with fruits and coconut, and wear a white cap or keel to sleep.

Lewd abuse is an osogbo to watch out for Obara Otrupon

Pregnant women who take out this odun must consult the creature at the foot of Orula on its seventh day of life.

Lewd abuse and rape are acts that must be taken care of in Obara Otrupon, a sign where the religious or his descendants could be victims of such abuses.

  • In this letter was born the secret of why Oyá He dresses in nine colors.

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