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Advice from Obara Otura: Ifá of wars and criticism of his person

Tips Obara Otura

Obara Otura notes:

  • War,
  • imposition of character and
  • disagreements between close people.

This is a letter in which the individual will be a continuous target of criticism and accusations from those close to his circle, so his daily goal will be to be more reserved with his affairs.

You must respect the Palo Mayombe and its practitioners

Ifá says that you should respect the Palo Mayombe and the people who practice this religious branch, since many of the sorceries that Obara Otura receives come from fundamental garments.

The pataki of this sign relates that Oshún was tied up under a spell and because of this she suffered from ailments, which were only eradicated when she attended the foot of Orula.

In this sign the person has had to grow and become strong

The person governed by this letter keeps a secret that he does not want to be revealed, an issue that may be related to:

  • Interrupted maternity processes,
  • children out of wedlock,
  • debts or hot flashes suffered in the past.

In this sign the person has had to grow and become strong to be able to face the adversities that life has brought him, due to his courage Olofin will reward him with blessings.

Never neglect your appearance and hygiene

  • You cannot eat late meals or food that is out of refrigeration, as you will be prone to poisoning.
  • The pathologies that will affect Obara Otura will be mostly related to the hemolymphopoietic system (set of cells, tissues and organs).
  • Never neglect your appearance or neglect hygiene habits because there will be the osogbo of your sign.

You should not have abortions, as this procedure is dangerous for your life

In this odun the person has lived moments of abundance, but also moments of scarcity.

You should not perform abortions, because this procedure is not a contraceptive method and when it is carried out, a human being is deprived of life and his life will be in danger because it is a blind method.

Melon is the sacred fruit in Obara Otura

Unexpected news reigns in Obara Otura.

The religious in this Ifá is always in a hurry and tends not to enjoy good punctuality.

The melon is the sacred fruit in this sign:

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