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Advice from Obara Yekun: Where the religious must learn to value themselves

Tips Obara Yekun

Shame was born in Obara Yekun.

The pataki of this sign relates that Obatala He called the monkeys to thank him for his services and they decided not to attend the appointment because they felt that they were not up to the recognition.

The religious governed by this odun is extremely self-critical and must learn to value himself a little more.

Sometimes you think that you are not capable enough to carry out various tasks and your thinking is really wrong because you do have the necessary potential to comply with what is assigned.

Every event in life has a time and place

Ifá says that you should not anticipate events and instead wait for the outcome of events to draw conclusions.

Do not act hastily or assume sentences that no one has imposed on you and you will live calmer and happier.

Every event in life has a time and place, learn to wait patiently for fate to act.

Communicate what you feel and do not keep anything that may make you unhappy

This sign explains why the slave rebels against the master.

It is a letter of insubordination and when the person is saturated it explodes.

You cannot let problems, criteria or opinions accumulate because this situation will end up becoming detrimental to your health.

Communicate what you feel and do not keep anything that may make you unhappy.

Ifá advises you Do not live in a marriage where your partner does not respect your space and imposes prohibitions on you because you will not be happy.

This sign marks discord between work colleagues

  • Obara Yekun marks problems at work and at home.

The person governed by this sign seeks financial well-being and security in his work, but has incompatibility of characters with his companions.

They do not understand why the religious stands out, it could be the situation that you are promoted to a higher job position and this event creates discord among your colleagues.

The problems related to the home in this odun usually correspond to communication conflicts between parents and children, a situation that in the long run could affect the respect that must prevail within the home so that there is a healthy environment.

Ifá recommends:

  • Talk to your children,
  • open the mind and
  • give them the opportunity to decide their own course.

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