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Advice from Odi Ika, where the religious does not cover his face with masks

Odi Ika Tips

The mask represents Odi Ika, Ifa sign where the Orishas are put on a mask to unmask the enemies.

In this letter the person is surrounded by false friends, here the masking of the enemy is born to achieve his purposes.

Where before you people will appear referring to being in one way and at the moment of truth they will be shown in another according to their convenience.

In Odi Ika the thief learned that by covering his face no one would discover his true identity and he began to disguise himself.

Beware of people who approach you with their faces covered as they will never bring good intentions.

Ifá says that you should take care of suffering an assault so it recommends that you do not wander alone late at night.

odi ika He does not wear masks to dress up

In this sign, the religious are prohibited from wearing masks or going to costume parties with their faces covered.

Much less if they are held in public places, because you could be confused and have fatal consequences.

Orula says that you will enter and leave the tomb, with this Ifá warns you that you could suffer from cardiac arrest and exceed it, so you must take care of your heart.

It also metaphorically exemplifies the arrival of better times after having passed precariousness.

Ifá prohibits him from visiting cemeteries and looking into open graves.

Do not carry or use knives

Odi Ika makes animal sacrifice to Orula, to obtain good health, rest and long life on the plane of the earth.

Be careful when working with penetrating tools because you could have an accident and be injured.

Do not play with knives or threaten anyone with them because there can be fatal consequences.

Pay the debts that you have with Yemaya and make him a drum at home.

Stand still so your life doesn't take an unexpected turn

Through this sign the person suffers from false testimonies where they are accused of a large number of immoralities.

The religious ruled by this sign must visit Orunmila and make stoppages so that his life does not take an unexpected turn.

In Odi Ika the bats sleep with their heads down, you cannot sleep opposite your spouse in bed because this will bring them backwardness.

Odi Ika must stay away from crime

To solve your problems, you must go to the seashore and beg Olokun, taking with you a staff on which you will lean so as not to fall.

For this letter, Orula is cooked ochinchin and an offering is made to her to always keep the leri fresh.

Odi Ika brand:

  • Premeditation,
  • ensañaI lie and
  • treachery.

In this Ifá, the person must stay away from crime because in an act of violence it can deprive another person of living.

Orula advises him to choose his friends well so that he is not led astray.

In this odun you must choose the path of good and not that of evil if you want to be happy and be at peace with Olofin.

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