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What advice does Odi Iroso bring? DO NOT drop your guard or the enemy will attack

Tips Odi Iroso

Odi Iroso is an Ifá where the religious is on everyone's lips.

His good luck and his ability to overcome the obstacles that life has placed in the way are more than enough reasons to generate envy and unfortunate comments.

In this sign while the body sleeps the nose remains awake.

A saying that alludes to the need to remain alert at all times because when the enemy who was lurking will lower his guard, he will attack.

In this letter the cerebral hemispheres and their shared control over the organism were born.

Orula warns the religious to check his blood pressure because this odun predicts the suffering of cerebrovascular diseases. 

Ifá says that in this sign adults must be very careful with what they do in front of children, because their behavior could be affected by these acts.

In this Ifá the person is self-taught and very independent

You cannot do anything religious to people suffering from psychiatric illnesses as you could pick up your osogbo and end up unbalanced.

In this Ifá the person is self-taught and very independent, he does not like to be overprotected because he feels empowered to fend for himself, even from a very early age of life.

  • In this odun the person must be very selective when choosing his partner because Orula says that you can suffer love disappointments when you think that all that glitters is gold.
  • You will find true love with a son or daughter of Oshún.

It is taboo in Odi Iroso:

  • Eat face beans, because with this legume the religious making ebbó will be saved.

This grain can also be used as an addimú for the Orishas.

In this odun the scissors and the razor do not go to the head

Odi Iroso prohibits cutting his hair during Osha, because in this odun the scissors and the razor do not go to the head.

If this letter comes out in a consultation, the Ifá priest recommends that the person not cut their hair for 16 days and if this odun is a head odun, it is advised to be careful when making arrangements in the hair, since it could end up damaged.añadue to the use of poor technique or the use of expired products.

I will triumph in this odun is perseverance

You were born to work in the spiritual field.

In this Ifá the religious must make many sacrifices to achieve what he wants, because the will of triumph in this odun is the perseverance that one has and in the effort that is put to achieve the goals.

Orula says that you must count on Shango before making defining decisions in your life.

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