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Odi Iwori's advice, where a ship without a port is lost at sea

Tips Odi Iwori

A ship without a port is lost at sea, because in the odun of Ifá Odi Iwori the ship has nowhere to dock.

  • In this sign the religious does not have stability in life.

orula It speaks in this letter of a person who does not have a fixed roof to protect himself or has managed to have a stable relationship.

You are advised settle my head so that I may prosper.

You have been a person prone to love affairs, therefore, it has also been difficult for you to learn to give value to people who come into your life with other intentions and because you do not know how to appreciate them you have not been able to start a family.

Orula recommends you learn to value what you have

In this Ifá, traffic was born, a phenomenon for which you can have legal problems.

Orula recommends that you learn to give value to what you have and better manage your bonds so that in times of scarcity you will not be abandoned.

Take care of suffering from diseases related to the spinal column by avoiding excessive weights and conditions of the gastrointestinal system, discarding little refrigerated and reheated foods.

Odi Iwori is a sign where the person suffers unexpected phenomena, changing their luck from one moment to the next.

It is a letter that marks wars for power.

In this Ifá you have to ask the blessing every day to Yemayá and Orumila, Orishas who watch over you and your family in a perennial way.

Do not close your eyes to the mistakes that your loved ones commit

Ifá says that you must open your eyes, because a person very close to you betrays you.

Do not close your eyes to the defects or faults committed by your loved ones, because this way you will not help them to be better people but quite the opposite.

You cannot have conflicting criteria between what you want and what you think, you must focus on what really suits you and makes you happy and then take that path without regrets.

His luck is tied to the spirits

Your luck lies in the performance of spiritual masses and in the attention you have with the spirits that accompany you.añan.

After six o'clock in the afternoon Odi Iwori should not pluck herbs for religious consecrations because these will not be effective and will be delayed.

Despite pests, tree roots keep them alive

Ifá says that Despite pests, tree roots keep them alive.

A saying that warns you of how much you have gone through in life, but that you still stand.

Tree roots will represent in your life:

  • Dreams,
  • willpower and
  • knowledge.

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