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Councils of the odun Odi Leke, where the religious CANNOT live enslaved

Tips Odi Leke

On the odun Odi Leke It was where the bull was enslaved for doing the dog a favor.

In this sign, the religious cannot be committed to solving all the favors that are asked of him, because he will be tied to that person, who will never stop bothering him when he knows that he will not refuse to solve their problems.

You cannot assume other people's responsibilities, because the day you say that you cannot assume them, you will be judged.

Odi Leke is forbidden from taking on the debts of others because he will end up broke.

In this sign, man cannot volunteer, he must know what he is going to face before accepting to carry out the action involved. 

Odi Leke in love:

In this sign you cannot fixate on a person of short stature and thin complexion because with this you will not be happy.

Nor can he marry someone who does not have a job because he will become the slave of his partner.

In this sign the religious cannot stay with those who treat him badly, with jealous people, or with those who prohibit him from doing certain things because he will end up like the chained bull.

Odi Leke has been tied up by his enemies

Odi Leke establishes that man must remain oblivious to the practices of the palo mayombe because that is not the religious trend that he must practice according to his astrality.

Orula warns through this letter hunger and impersonation.

In this Ifá, the religious is a victim of moorings because his enemies want to remove him from the path and dull his shine, but he also establishes love spells.

Be careful what you guess, because Odi Leke can run into trouble

The religious ruled by Odi Leke is a fortune-teller, but he has to be careful with what he guesses as a result of this may be a problem.

In this sign, the woman has provocative moles and is happy to look at herself in the mirrors of the house.

Orula prohibits him from living in concubinage and being carried away by infidelities, because as a result of this he could lose his life.

Respect the table and the word of Oshún every day of this world

In Odi Leke Orula lived in high places, the person must live in the same way.

The Orula crown is placed on a table in this sign, therefore the religious must respect the table and eat on it.

Oshún is the Orisha who comes out in defense of Odi Leke, therefore, the santero owes him respect and obedience to his word.

The person must do ebbo with work tools so that they are never injured in the performance of their duties, because in this sign work accidents are born.

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