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The advice of Odi Meyi, where they talk about fertility and abundance

Tips Odi Meyi

In Odi Meyi the buttocks are represented, an anatomical part that supports the body when seated.

In turn, it symbolizes the vagina and birth, as the vagina is the culmination of the reproductive system that allows births to take place, marking a way to perpetuate the human race.

Therefore, women should pay attention to diseases that may arise related to the female reproductive system.

In this Ifá the monarchy was born and the principle that everything in life has a logical order to follow.

In Odi Meyi the human race was formed and the earth was populated, it is a sign that speaks of fertility and abundance.

Under this letter spiritism is practiced as an infallible method to communicate with the afterlife.

Orula says that you should make yourself feel valued

Odi Meyi's downfall is found in:

  • Slander and
  • lack of hygiene.

In this Ifá the human being must be aware that everything in life has a beginning and an end and that no matter how long your existence may be, nothing will escape the hands of death.

Orula says that you must make yourself feel valued, so that the people who are by your side know that you are a valuable person and do not try to abuse your trust.

Shango is the defending Orisha of Odi Meyi

In Odi Meyi sacrifices are made to the Orishas.

This odun marks temptation and marital betrayal.

Shango is the Orisha defender of Odi Meyi, being the saint who frees the religious from all evil.

Ifá recommends that you learn to be more reserved with your affairs and try not to interfere in matters that do not correspond to you.

The religious ruled by Odi Meyi has great willpower

Do not be arrogant and choose to live with humility, learning to value what you have.

The religious ruled by Odi Meyi has great willpower, a virtue that has allowed him to overcome difficult situations that have arisen on his way.

Attention to the Eggun:

  • In this sign, Eggún roasted sweet potato is placed.
  • Within his spiritual picture there is an Eggún who, when he fell, made bad decisions, give him an assistance so that he has light and spiritual progress.

Orunmila advises you to learn to be less reckless

Orunmila advises you to learn to be less reckless, because not being afraid will sometimes lead you to make serious mistakes.

  • Do not hide money in your house, as it will end up losing you.
  • This sign warns of the appearance at an early age of metabolic endocrine diseases such as diabetes mellitus.
  • Odi Meyi is obliged to wear shoes, as she must not walk barefoot.

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