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Advice from the Odi Obara sign, an Ifá of impersonation and power struggle

Tips Odi Obara

The sign of Odi Obara is an Ifá that marks impersonation and power struggle.

In this sign the religious lives surrounded by enemies and people who in one way or another do not cease in their desire to watch over him.

It is an odun where man cannot cede his position or his assets to anyone because he will run the risk of losing everything.

The person governed by Odi Obara must know how to keep his secrets well, in such a way that a word out of place could cost him dearly.

Ifá says that you cannot be ostentatious or arrogant, because life moves forward like the wheel of a cart.

One day you can be on top and have it all and to the mañathe next find yourself skimming the ground and remain devoid of any wealth.

Odun where indecision haunts the religious

In this Ifá the person fights internal struggles, since indecision persecutes the religious.

orunmila He advises you to modify this aspect in your life, because great opportunities and projects will arrive at your destination that you should not miss because you do not know what decision to make.

Odi Obara warns the religious that he should not go against fate

Odi Obara advises the religious not to go against the natural course of life and that when plans are repeatedly spoiled, he should go to try his luck elsewhere, because divine providence sends you signals almost turning you away from that path because in it your luck will not be.

Do not cling to anything material, just hold tight to life.

Don't force anything to happen

Do not force anything to happen, help only those who want to be helped and live happily and with the satisfaction of having given everything, because in this Ifá consciousness is the great whip of the human being.

Orula marks in this letter receive Orisha oko for health and stability. 

Oncoproliferative breast conditions were born in this sign, so the religious cannot ignore any symptoms that could appear such as:

  • Pain,
  • swelling (swelling) and
  • color changes.

Do not stay next to those who do not value you

Ifá says that you were not born to be a slave.

Do not let anyone want to enslave you or abuse your good will, practice religion and study it so that in the future you can defend yourself.

Do not stay next to any human being who does not value you and mistreat you, think that you deserve someone better, a person you can trust and who lends your shoulder in the face of adversity.

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