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Odi Ofun Tips: Enemies The Farther They Are The Better

Odi Ofun Tips

In Odi Ofun the person should not stay in any place where they do not feel well.

In this letter the religious wishes to move from where he resides, to have a peaceful life, because in his current home he has not found the peace he needs, being surrounded by curious and envious people.

It is in this Ifá where man is blessed by Obatala, saint who welcomes it providing protection.

Baba the Orisha owner of the human mind provides the religious with intelligence and patience, so that with these weapons he is able to defeat all the wars that come his way.

Odi Ofun must have a stable job to prosper

Odi Ofun is an odun that marks material deficiencies, sometimes the lack of money being the main problem that affects the religious.

Thus, Orunmila advises the man to get a steady job, through which he can obtain a legal and stable income.

His will is to respect people who have gray hair

Ifá says that you should wear white.

His go is to respect people who have gray hair and learn as much as possible from them.

If your mother is by your side, pamper her and contemplate her and if by chance of fate she is no longer on the plane of the earth, dedicate Masses to her and put candles and flowers on her so that her spirit gains light and feels remembered.

Getting wet with rainwater is taboo in Odi Ofun

Let the rain wet your body, especially your head, will be an osogbo in your life, because with this action you will be delayed and you could even acquire diseases.

In this Ifá the religious must lead a serene life where he stays away from conflicts and does not carry out any action with the aim of dañara others.

Orula advises you to have more self-confidence

Be receptive to advice from people who love you, as none of them want your bad.

An enemy will perform a curse on you, which will be hidden in a handkerchief that this person will give you.

Orula advises you to have more self-confidence and put aside jealousy and distrust for no reason towards your partner, because with this attitude you will only get dañar your relationship.

Don't give second chances to someone who has already let you down

When a person wishes to harm you without knowing it, they will do you a favor, because you will have enough reasons to dislodge that individual from your heart, separating him from your life forever.

Event that will guarantee you greater peace of mind.

Says Odi Ofun That the enemies the further away they are the better, remove from your life all those people who have been disloyal to you, because they are not worthy of your trust or your affection.

Do not give second chances to someone who has already disappointed you because with this action you will be wasting your time.

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