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Advice from the odun Odi Ogunda: the drum is the messenger of the Orishas

Tips Odi Ogunda

Ifá that marks curses carried out on the religious, where the person must go to the foot of Orula to eradicate said sorceries.

You were harmed by people you helped raise in the past, and instead of giving back your help, they paid you ungratefully.

In this sign the drum, the messenger of the Orishas, ​​was born, so the religious must complement himself in the Osha by offering a drum to his guardian angel when his financial situation allows it.

It is also necessary that he place a drum at the foot of his guardian angel in representation of the fulfillment of this letter.

In this Ifá, discord between brothers is born

You must perform a mass at home in order to define your spiritual commission.

Through this ceremony the Eggunes that accompanied himañan they will get further development and will be able to start communicating directly with you.

Peace must reign under its roof, in this Ifá discord between brothers is born.

To avoid this letter you must:

  • Raise your children without having differences between any,
  • If you have problems with your brother, Orula warns you that it is time for them to end and you can reach an agreement that will bring peace to both of you.

In Odi Ogunda the lawsuits end bañatwo with blood

Ifá says that you should not get involved in fights, because in Odi Ogunda the fights end badly.añatwo with blood.

Respect so that they respect you and do not offer your opinion to those who have not asked for it.

In this letter the operating room was born, so the person will step on it at least once in his life, either as a patient or as a worker in the health sector.

Orula in this Ifá marks to receive and reinforce Oggún the Orisha owner of iron and of all work instruments.

In this odun the religious must ask the moon and the stars

When instability comes into your life, find a way to put an end to it in one go. If misfortunes happen to you, don't curse your luck and try to gain experiences from the event by keeping the good and discarding the bad.

In this odun the religious must ask the moon and the stars during the night.

You must place in your house a moon and a sun, elements that will represent:

  • The day and the night,
  • good and evil,
  • The past and the present.

In such a way that your life is never out of balance.

The iron plow was made in Odi Ogunda

In Odi Ogunda Oggún made the iron plow for man to till the field and thus obtain a decent living for his home.

This letter teaches that sacrificed work has rewards.

The Ashé of Odi Ogunda is in the mouth and in the oratory so you will find success in professions related to these fields such as:

  • Stomatology,
  • the journalism,
  • politics and
  • social communication.

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