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Odi Ojuani's advice: stay away from vices, gambling and games

Tips Odi Ojuani

Odi Ojuani says don't get into debt, because you will not be able to keep your word and this action will end up bringing you more harm than good.

In this Ifá for breaking a deal the person lost his life.

In this odun the religious must stay away from:

  • Vices,
  • the bets and
  • gambling.

Dice orula that you don't know how to lose and that when things don't happen as you expect, you curse, get frustrated and want to lash out at the world.

Don't go back to find what you left behind

In Odi Ojuani, the person who has achieved everything in life renounces it and deviates from his or her merits to go back to living as before.

In this sign the religious stops and does not continue struggling to get ahead, you need a person by your side who encourages and motivates you to be better, because otherwise all your sacrifice will remain stagnant.

You cannot go back to the past, do not go back to find what you left behind.

By not wanting to see reality you have suffered many disappointments

The religious in this Ifá prefers to live with the lie than to face the truth.

Because of you not wanting to see reality, you have suffered many disappointments.

If you want a change in your life, you will have to begin to accept that all human beings have defects and that by not correcting them or telling everyone what they deserve to hear, they will love you more or less.

In this odun you cannot be conformist and to advance in life you have to be willing to fight for what you want.

In this odun the Orishas claim what you have promised them

This letter marks problems with the law moved by bank accounts, loans and properties.

Odi Ojuani's osogbo can be found at:

  • Feel superior to others and
  • not knowing how to keep the secrets that were entrusted to him.

In this odun the Orishas claim what you have promised, feed your saints and offer to Shango a bunch of banana smeared with corojo butter.

You cannot live depending on others

Ifá says that you must get ahead on your own merits and efforts and you cannot live depending on others.

In this sign where you are not well received, do not attend because you may suffer a hot flash.

Ifá recommends wear a coral necklace to attract the I will into your life.

Sometimes you feel that nobody understands you and for this reason you get sad, communicate what you feel to the people around you and how well they love you so that you are not affected by repressing your emotions.

In this Ifá, intelligence conquers force

Do not do anything feeling obliged because that action will not reap the benefits.

In this Ifa, the tiger and the monkey were enemies, the former was strong and its opposite enjoyed great intelligence.

The monkey surpassed the tiger because when it attacked the monkey had already developed a plan to defend itself.

Be like the monkeyAlways have a plan to proceed, so that if things don't go your way, you have a loophole to take refuge in.

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