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Advice from Odi Oshe: Lyrics where there is time for everything, do not live in a hurry

Tips Odi Oshe

Ifá that indicates the religious stay alert because infidelity could knock on your door on several occasions, either at the hands of a partner or through friends.

It's taboo in this letter reveal the secrets because by doing so they will cease to keep the confidentiality they require to maintain anonymity.

Orula says that Odi Oshe he must do ebbó so that his path does not twist, thus expelling the osogbos that could overshadow his life.

In this letter there is time for everything, do not live in a hurry and you will see how you enjoy your day to day more.

You must be slow in your action so that your decisions are as accurate as your thinking.

Religiously you must feed the earth every year, pay with this ceremony a tribute to mother nature in gratitude for the sole benefit of being alive and healthy.

You shouldn't take anything for granted

In this Ifá the hen lay down on her nest without knowing that the soil parasites were consuming her eggs and she was engañagives for several weeks.

Dice orula that you cannot take the same behavior as the hen, you should not take anything for granted, check the circumstances and then draw your own conclusions.

Many people around you sympathize with your person to benefit from your work, do not allow anyone to lose sight of your sacrifice.

To be happy you have to live alone and create your own family

This odun marks the event of an underhanded robbery, stay alert at home and at work so that you are not affected.

To be happy you have to:

  • Living alone,
  • create your own family and
  • educate their children under their standards.

Ifá says that the religious ruled by this sign, he was not satisfied in his day with the selection of his guardian angel, but with the passage of time he was able to understand that his guide Orisha had an inestimable value for himself.

The religious feels disappointed in many of his friends

In Odi Oshe, the person feels disappointed by many of their friends when they discover their true intentions.

You have sometimes come to grieve over actions and lack of commitment that have happened in your closest circle, expressing how much the attitude of your peers surprises you.

In this sign, the past and the present are intertwined.

This is an Ifá where the person becomes strong and where things can become unbeatable.

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