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Tips From Odi Otrupon: One Bad Thought Will Lead You To Failure

Odi Otrupon Tips

Ifá says that in Odi Otrupon to overcome difficulties the family must remain together.

In this sign, disobedience is paid dearly and after having turned a deaf ear to the advice of the Orishas they will not want to help you.

Karma reigns in this letterDepending on how you are on the earth plane, you will do in the spirit world.

Do not do to anyone what you do not want to be done to you.

In infidelity lies the doom of man

When the religious is there, everything in his life is love and happiness, but when osogbo leaves, he comes to live the misfortune of the sign.

In infidelity is the perdition of the man ruled by this Ifá, respect married people and keep the promise.

Under this letter, a man is prohibited from raising his hand to a woman, since in doing so he will receive the weight of divine justice on his shoulders.

Powerful Odun Tips for Religious:

  • In this sign was born the realization of the drum to Yewá on earth.
  • Respect your elders and learn to listen to their advice.
  • You cannot do any religious ceremony to anyone who is sick, because you will lose your Ashe and your health.
  • In this sign the person suffers from ulcers.
  • All the actions that you take with a bad thought as a precedent will lead you to failure.
  • To prosper offer a drum to Shango, the Orisha who owns war, music and women.
  • Do not undertake to carry out actions of which you are not convinced, because from these tasks you will not reap the desired fruits.

Have faith in Yemayá who is a very powerful saint

Odi Otrupon does not raise other people's children, because in the long run they will not thank you and will not be considerate of you.

Beg Yemayá by bringing flowers and fruits to the beach so that the mother of the world will help you get what you want so much.

To get rid of the osogbos, bathe in the sea and have faith in Yemayá who is a very powerful saint.

Clean your home with an omiero made with:

  • Maroon vine,
  • cundiamor and
  • Eau de cologne.

This is so that the go will enter your home, in order to purify your astral you can take a bath with this omiero respecting the head.

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