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Advice from the odun Odi Otura: An Ifá of collapses and bad decisions

Tips Odi Otura

Odi Otura symbolizes the collapseFor this reason, when this sign appears, Orula advises the religious to ensure their projects because from one moment to the next they may collapse.

This Ifá prohibits man from visiting propped up places because in these facilities the person will be prone to suffer an accident.

This letter marks an uncertain path if the individual is motivated by vices.

You cannot change the tureens of your saints or move out of your house without first consulting with the Orishas because you will lose your luck.

The success of the religious is in his spouse

In this Ifá Orula was blind and his wife guided him.

The spouse of the religious is fundamental in this sign because in him will be found part of the person's iré.

Build a solid relationship with your partner, become confidantes and no bad streak or misfortune can bring you down.

For the marriage to be successful in this odun, there must be respect and trust above all things.

At Odi Otura all family members must respect each other

Dice orula that in Odi Otura the person always finds what they are looking for.

The protective Orisha of the religious in this letter is Eleggua, saint who is in charge of providing the family with health, luck and happiness.

For harmony to reign in your home, all family members must respect each other and not invade the privacy of others:

  • Do not meddle in the affairs of others and
  • do not give your opinion if your criteria have not been asked.

It is taboo in this sign:

  • The desecration, if you do not want to know your misfortune, do not register what you should not.

The person governed by this letter must be very careful because they may be the victim of sexual harassment.

Ifá where other people's children are not raised

In this Ifa, little ones are not baptized, other people's children are not raised and children other than their children are not cared for.

Other powerful tips:

  • Pay off any debts you may have with Obatala so that peace comes to your life.
  • Do not bring a stranger to live under your roof because you could sow misfortune with this action.
  • Avoid court problems, as such conflicts could land you in jail.
  • Receive the necklaces so that your life can settle down and begin to prosper.
  • Surround yourself with people who contribute and not take away from you, get better every day and do not settle for mediocre results in life.

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