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Advice from Odi Yeku, where ceremonies are not performed for the sick

Tips Odi Yeku

It was in Odi Yeku that man made the masks, pieces that were used in the Yoruba religion to make parties to the Eggunes and Olokun.

This Ifá marks place on Olokun a mask for the saint to be in charge of unmasking enemies and people who have bad intentions.

Ifá says that wealth in this letter comes from trade

The religious ruled by Odi Yeku is prohibited from performing any ceremony to a sick person because doing so will lose health or in the worst case could undergo a life change.

Ifá says that wealth in this letter it comes from trade, mainly from the one that develops across the sea.

The first child you will father will be a boy

Orula says that things will improve in your life, making you feel in a state of great well-being and comfort.

The first child you will beget will be a boy, this child being responsible for many of the joys that await you along your path on the plane of the earth.

Other tips and warnings of the sign:

  • You should carry a fan in your bag, so when you feel groggy, fan yourself and thus keep osogbos and disturbances away from your side.
  • Celebrate mass for the deceased in your family and place a high attendance for your grandparents.
  • The religious governed by this Ifá must respect Oyá Yansa and her children.

Respect alcoholic beverages

  • Respect alcoholic beverages, as a result of drunkenness you can suffer a hot flash.

Odi Yeku is prohibited from making fun of people, especially the homeless and drunk.

Instead, he should be merciful to the underprivileged and never deny help to anyone who asks of him.

Take care of your house so that you have a good old age

Invest a part of your income in repairing your house, so that in your old age you have all the comforts you need to live without worries.

  • Odi Yeku is a sign where the religious must have a word and fulfill the promises made fully.
  • In this Ifá, pregnant women or the elderly are not abandoned.

Respect gray-haired people

Live without wishing harm to anyone and you will be happier.

For peace to come to your life:

  • Beg Obatala,
  • blank view to debug and
  • not late night.

Avoid cheating and never reveal a secret that you have been asked to keep.

Respect gray-haired people because through them Obatala will be speaking to you.

Other Ifa signs that you should know:

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