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Ofun Iroso's Advice: Unburdening Sorrows Is The Cure For Grief

Ofun Iroso Tips

Ofun Iroso is an odun that predicts counterfeiting.

Under this letter the person is prone to deceit, mainly related to official documents and religious ceremonies.

The art of makeup was born in Ofun Iroso, a technique that since ancient times was used for seduction and also as a ritual element.

Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way

Ifá says that in this odun you must live with your feet on the ground, knowing how to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to the fullest, because from one moment to another and moved by poor decision making, the religious can lose everything and remain in the ruin.

In this sign, respiratory diseases are suffered, seeing its origins in the procedure of the tracheostomy, a small surgery with which the maintenance of a permeable airway is guaranteed.

Don't hang on to hurtful events in the past

In Ofun Iroso, man cannot live keeping repressed emotions for himself, because in the long run these feelings will trigger health problems.

Memories, words and bad actions that were harmful at the time must be let go so that they do not poison the heart of the person with a grudge.

In this sign the relief of sorrows in a friendly shoulder is the definitive cure for afflictions.

Other tips to keep in mind:

  • The religious ruled by Ofun Iroso cannot be trusted, because in this odun the person unexpectedly leaves this world as a product of the evil of those around him.
  • orula He advises you to be selective in selecting your friends so that you do not end up paying for the dire decisions of your closest circle of friends.

Demotivation destroys Ofun Iroso's path

The main osogbo of Ofun Iroso is demotivation, when this evil affects man the person is stranded without finding the meaning of his life.

It is then necessary for her to find herself in order to move on and advance in life.

In this sign the religious cannot be forced to perform tasks that are not of his interest because he will end up frustrated.

San Lázaro will provide you with health and tranquility

  • The person in this letter is disturbed by an eggun who does not let her be happy.
  • This sign speaks of frigidity and dyspareunia.
  • You must maintain responsible sexual behavior to avoid contracting a venereal disease.

Orula advises him to receive Saint Lazarus, to obtain through this Orisha a good of health on the plane of the earth.

The old Lazaro will bring to your life the tranquility that you need so much.

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