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The iré of Ofun Iwori is in your hands: Ifá of the silk glove Advice!

Ofun Iwori Tips

In Ofun Iwori Olofin proclaimed Kawó Silé king in heaven and on the land, determining with this action that the Orisha who owns the candle would never have an opponent.

In this Ifá, the religious must worship Shango, as this Orisha will make your wars his, taking the step forward in the fight against curses and osogbos that may affect the integrity of the religious and his family.

In this sign you must attend to the spirits that assist you and carry out spiritual work so that they obtain the light they need.

Place in your spiritual vault for unfolding a vase with:

  • Daisies,
  • lilies and
  • basil

The iré of Ofun Iwori is in your hands and whatever you are able to build with them, use them to do good and Olofin will be grateful to you.

For this reason it is called the Ifá of the silk glove, because like silk, your hands are blessed.

Ifá says that you are a lover of music and dance

Polydactyly was born in Ofun Iwori, a condition in which the human being has a greater number of fingers, either on the hands or on the feet than it should.

Ifá says that you are a lover of music and dance and that to overcome any situation that comes your way you must remain cheerful and positive.

When you feel that sadness wants to take over you, put on music and expel bad thoughts from your home with this action.

Count on Elegguá before making any kind of decision

In this Ifá, the person reaches economic development, but must be consistent with their actions so as not to become financially helpless again.

Count on Elegguá before making any kind of decision, remember that with Eshú's blessing no path will be closed.

Other tips to keep in mind:

  • The woman in this odun has problems conceiving, attend the foot of Orula so that her situation improves.
  • The Ifá oracle says that the life of one of your children could be in danger, do ebbó so that the fatality is not fulfilled.
  • Be careful not to be the victim of an animal bite.

Do not put your hands in dark places

Do not put your hands in places where you do not have visibility because you could have an accident.

  • In this lyrics gluttony is taboo, because eating without measure will cause gastrointestinal disorders.
  • To attract good fortune the religious must dress in white.
  • Respect the melon and do not wear clothes that have ovals.
  • Respect the disabled and give alms to the underdog.

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