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Advice from Ofun Meyi: Where the religious is heard by the spirits

Ofun Meyi Tips

Ofun Meyi is a sign where mysteries reign.

It is a letter where the religious will find in his journey through life the good and the bad, having to overcome various obstacles.

The person governed by this Ifá is:

  • Impulsive,
  • independent and
  • He does not like to hold others responsible for his problems, situations that he tries to solve without disturbing or worrying anyone.

Ofun Meyi is the one who raises the dead in Yoruba land

In this sign the roots are important, it is necessary to rescue the family history so that it is not forgotten and also settle down and build a home of your own.

Ofun Meyi is the one who resuscitates the dead in the Yoruba land, so he will be successful performing work as a lifeguard, paramedic, anesthetist or in another branch of medicine, where he can bring back to life those people who by chance of fate they have left before their time, in the first minutes of cardiac arrest.

Ifá says that the more faith you have, the more achievements you will achieve in life

Sign where Ifá says that the more faith you have, the more achievements you will achieve in life, so believe in the Orishas and the Eggunes, but also believe in your ability and your intellect.

This odun represents love for children and parents' concern for a better future.

In this sign it is taboo:

  • Blow out the candles and
  • disrespecting people who have gray hair.

The promised word must be kept

The promised word must be kept so that the person does not lose face.

Other powerful tips:

  • Dress in white so luck be with you.
  • If you own a business, share the profits equitably with your partners and thus avoid the emergence of misunderstandings.
  • The owners of this sign have the gift of being heard directly by the spirits.

Ofun Meyi never loses sight of her goal, she is persistent and stubborn

Violence will never lead you down the path of good and, failing that, it will bring you serious damage in which your freedom may be compromised.

Alcoholic beverages and bad vices are the downfall of the religious.

Ofun Meyi never loses her goal of sight, she is characterized by being persistent and by not being influenced by other people.

In this Ifá the person is distrustful and they enjoy being alone.

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