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Advice from Ofun Odi: Unbridled ambition is the osogbo of this sign

Ofun Odi Tips

Unbridled ambition is the osogbo for which Ofun Odi is lost.

In this letter the religious is free to dream and wish for a better future, but it's taboo:

  • Transgress the laws of man and the Orishas to achieve these purposes, you can not change freedom or health for money.

You must be careful when claiming your rights, because to assert yourself you do not have to hurt those around you.

You were born to be a leader

In this sign, the person is a merchant and has the ability to quickly adapt to any situation or circumstance.

You were born to be a leader, if the person governed under this letter decides:

  • Putting your life on the right path will find well-being and
  • if he decides to go down the wrong path, he will be fearsome and ruthless.

The person born under this sign has the blessing of the Orishas

Orula says that:

  • Ofun Odi when he finished his mission on earth will go directly before the throne of Olofin.

The person born under this sign is privileged with the blessing of the Orishas.

The evil spirits persecute Ofun Odi for being a person with a striking astrality, therefore, the religious must be continuously becoming ebbo.

You in this sign cannot:

  • Allow no one outside your home to lie down in your bed, because in this sacred place where you fall asleep, they will leave you with disturbances and witchcraft.
  • Give others clothes, because with this action you will unknowingly grant them their luck.

In this letter the person was born to practice the Yoruba religion and attend to the spirits. In this Ifá the person has the gift of clairvoyance.

A person cursed you out of envy

Beware of illnesses that affect:

  • respiratory system and
  • the gastrointestinal tract.

Well, as a result of these conditions, the person can be chronically affected.

Some important religious tips:

  • Do not expose yourself excessively to the sun's rays and avoid drinking alcoholic beverages in excess.
  • Do not attend public events where a large number of people converge because in a confusion they could harm you.
  • A person cursed you because he envied you, go to Orumila's foot so that your path does not turn.

In this odun no evil is done, because as the popular phrase quotes:

Whoever does wrong, his comes walking.

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