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Advice from Ofun Ogunda: Olofi wrote the commandments of Osha-Ifá

Advice Ofun Ogunda

In Ofun Ogunda Olofin wrote the commandments of the sacred rule of Osha-Ifá on a rectangular stone and with the passage of time and the development of humanity this stone became the different books on which it is based the Yoruba Religion nowadays.

Olofin gave the knowledge of Osha-Ifá to the first consecrated men who swore to protect religious secrets and love and respect the Yoruba cult on the earth plane.

With this action of the great Orisha, the stone became one of the essential pillars of Osha-Ifá.

When a man gets this sign on a mat, he has the Ifa path and if he so wishes, he can devote his life to the study of religion.

You must receive Orula to:

  • A good seat,
  • repose,
  • long life and
  • expiration of causes and difficulties.

Know that from that day on you will never feel alone again because Orula accompanies you.añawill and will watch over you.

The people around him consider him a rival to beat

Ofun Ogunda is a sign where there is jealousy between friends, family and co-workers.

Although you do not feel like a great competition to others, many of the people around you do not consider you in the same way and see you as a rival.

Orula marks that the religious:

  • Receive Olokun and place a mask on his jar, so that through this ceremony the people around him are unmasked and you can discover his true intentions.

The two-faced Elegguá will show you the true face of your enemies

You must receive a two-faced Elegguá, so that Eshú always shows you the true face of his enemies and does not let him fall into their traps.

You must attend to this Orisha regularly offering you:

  • Schnapps,
  • sugar water,
  • Fresh fruits,
  • tobacco smoke and
  • candy.

Keep in mind that Elegguá is the Orisha who owns all paths and that when you discuss your problems with him, he will see the way to place you on the path in which your destiny unfolds better.

Oggún gave Orisha Oko an iron plow making her work easier

  • In this Ifá it was born that the Orula tureen was divided into several parts.

The pataki relates that in this sign Oggún gave Orisha Oko an iron plow and from that day on the work of the great farmer was facilitated.

You must find a way to accommodate your work, in order to perform better at it and thus be able to have greater results.

This is an odun of evolution, Orula advises you not to close yourself to new knowledge, since knowledge never takes place.

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