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Ofun Ojuani's advice: You can NOT make others pay for your faults

Tips Ofun Ojuani

Ofun Ojuani He is the protégé of Obatalá, in this odun Baba intervenes to help the religious in the face of adversity.

The Orisha who owns all heads recommends:

Face life without fear, taking control of conflicts to solve them as soon as possible, bearing in mind that intelligence is the most effective weapon that exists to win the war.

In this odun a war was unleashed between the wind and the sun, the former threatened not to refresh the world again while the latter opted not to heat the planet, human beings paying the cost of their dispute.

Orula says that you cannot make others pay for your faults or leave your responsibilities in the hands of another person.

This Ifá warns to parents the importance of having a separation on good terms when there are children in the middle, so that the decision does not end up pointing out the little ones as the most affected.

In this Ifá an Iruke is offered to Orula

It is in this Ifá where an Iruke is offered to Orula, because in this sign the fortune teller got rid of the osogbo by cleaning himself with a horse's tail.

Other powerful tips:

  • Respect your elders and accept their advice, listen to the voice of experience so that you are not mistaken.
  • In Ofun Ojuani a woman will be his greatest enemy.
  • It is in Ofun Ojuani where Olofin himself gives strength to the religious to defeat his enemies, while encouraging him not to succumb to adversity.
  • Ifá says that in this odun the enemy curses the religious and, as a result of his own words, he falls into disgrace for wishing evil on his neighbor.

You must sit on the vault to develop your spiritual picture

In this letter the rapport between the spiritual guide and the religious is born, so the man is told that he must sit on the vault to develop his spiritual picture.

The person who is governed by this Ifá in the future will pass Eggunes.

When a relative of Ofun Ojuani dies, his departure must be completed with all the relevant ceremonies so that he reaches Olofin's side as soon as possible.

The ashé in this sign is in the kitchen, it says orula that you are a person with culinary gifts.

Do not imitate anyone so that you do not fail

You must beware of accidents because in this event you could find death.

Do not imitate anyone so that you do not fail, be guided by your own head and you will find the success you are looking for in life.

Don't let the criticism destroy you, take the positive from it and continue to build the future you have fought so hard for.

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