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Ofun Okana's Advice: Marriage Must Be Together Or It Will Break Up

Tips Ofun Okana

Ifá says that you should pay more attention to your partner so that she does not feel abandoned.

In this odun, infidelity affects the marriage because the relationship has cooled down, the couple does not feel passionate as at the beginning of the relationship and they must modify their lifestyle if they do not want to lose everything they have built.

In Ofun Okana the marriage must remain together or their union will be broken.

The jet was born in Ofun Okana as a charm against the evil eye

Jet was born in this sign as a garment capable of warding off the evil eye, so it is recommended that everyone governed by this odun carry one with them.

  • Orula recommends to the religious taking lustrales baths with herbs to purify his astral.

You cannot be a participant in illicit businesses in order to avoid problems with the law.

Conquer your independence and you will live happily

Ofun Okana marks the damage of an internal organ, so the person is asked to keep abreast of any ailment related to the reproductive system or the appendix.

You cannot live together in any house, you have to fight for your independence so that you can be truly happy.

Intimacy is an issue that should only concern the couple

In this sign, the luck of the religious is to build his own family and make harmony reign under his roof.

Intimacy is a matter that should be reserved for the couple, do not tell your secrets to anyone or allow the people around you to interfere in your decisions.

Odun where friendship and covenants must be respected

In Ofun Okana the rabbit saved Obatala and Orunmila of a debt that they had with death and in gratitude to this great action the children of Orula and Baba do not eat rabbits.

This is a sign where friendship and covenants must be respected.

If you are aware that you will not be able to keep a promise, be clear with the person in question so that they do not suffer disappointment.

When the world turns its back the Orishas will open their arms

  • The word of the Orishas in this Ifá cannot fall to the ground.

Respect the advice given to you by the saints and be aware that when the world turns its back on you and does not want you, the Orishas will be there to love and support you.

Fulfill your deities and they will fulfill you.

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