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Advice from Ofun Osa: In this letter the religious is born with the gift of healing

Tips Ofun Osa

Ofun Osa is an odun where Ozain the Orisha of the Mount reigns, owner and lord of the secrets concerning medicinal herbs.

In this letter the religious is born with the gift of healing using plants, hence he succeeds in working in careers related to pharmacology and natural and traditional medicine.

You must respect the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

In this sign, the person is prone to liver cirrhosis and other conditions that have the liver as the target organ in their affectations.

Ifá says that you will live and enjoy good health depending on the care you give to your body.

Willpower will carry the religious far away

The promised word must be fully complied with so that your image is not discredited.

Willpower will take away the religious ruled by Ofun Osa, a letter where many aspects of his life will depend on the determination of the person.

In this sign, Olofin sent a blessing to earth, feeling later disappointed in his action, as the men did not know how to take advantage of the opportunity that the great Orisha offered them.

  • Be smart and learn to value the opportunities that are presented to you so that you do not live the osogbo of the sign.

In Ofun Osa you have to know how to interpret the messages sent by the spirits

Ifá says that you build projects on the air, this being the main reason why your plans fail.

Under this odun were born:

  • The seven virtues,
  • seven days a week and
  • The seven capital sins.

This sign is ruled by Yemayá, Orisha to whom you owe devotion and respect.

In Ofun Osa, astrality and spirituality are two important factors.

To take into account Warning!

If when you leave the house, an animal soils your clothes or someone spills a drink on you, stay that day at home and postpone the departure for another occasion, as this will be the way that the spirits will have to warn you that to go to the planned place it could suffer some adversity.

Ifá where development is obtained through a change

  • The religious ruled under this letter at birth brought the umbilical cord tangled in the neck.
  • Ifá prohibits him from doing favors to those people who despise him or have betrayed him.
  • You were born with the gift of clairvoyance.
  • In this sign, Obatala left the war to live in peace, placing it in the hands of Oggún.

Through this pataki you will inherit an asset or change your job, an action with which peace and development will come to your life.

Ofun Osa talks about a person who you welcomed into your home and who over the years will look after him, gratefully repaying him for the help he offered.

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