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Advice from Ofun Oshe: Misfortune comes to you accompaniedañado of sorceries

Tips Ofun Oshe

In Ofun Oshe the ceremony was born to carry out an ajuan to Azojano begging him for the health of the family.

In this odun the moon went to visit Obatala to help him, which is why all of Baba's descendants must worship and salute the celestial body at nightfall.

In this letter the religious must periodically ask the stars for the blessing.

5 Tips and warnings of the sign:

  1. In this Ifá the woman must wear dresses before pants, since through this garment she reaches luck.
  2. Orula says that when misfortune comes into your life it does so at the hands of a sorcery and that you must do ebbó to get rid of the osogbos.
  3. Greed and pride are taboo in this sign, the more humble the religious, the better he will be in life.
  4. Attend to your spirits before performing any holy consecration, so that the ceremony is not interrupted because the Egguns are dissatisfied.
  5. You were born with the art of the word, in the future you will occupy managerial positions within your workplace.

Not all the people around you will look kindly at you

Ofun Oshe tells the story of the parrot who was harmed by envy.

The animals were unhappy with the beauty and intelligence with which the bird had been endowed, so they conspired to bewitch the bird by causing it to lose its memory.

This pataki explains to the religious the need to have a more private social circle, since not all the people around him will look at him with good eyes.

Be cautious and do not offer your friendship or your trust to just anyone.

At Ofun Oshe hygiene is paramount

  • In this sign, the abandonment of children brings serious consequences.
  • Do not desecrate religion because it will fall behind.
  • At Ofun Oshe hygiene is very important.

Ifá says that in this sign the puerperal woman passes bacteria to the baby by breastfeeding him without taking the previous hygienic measures.

Ofun Oshe must be at peace to be happy

The religious governed under this letter is safeguarded Yemayá, venerate the queen of salt water, comply with it and you will see how your life prospers.

Be respectful of your elders and learn to listen to your family.

You cannot live in constant contradiction with your partner, because you will not be happy.  

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