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Advice from Ofun Otrupon: It is taboo to disrespect parents and godparents

Tips Ofun Otrupon

The virtue of communication was born in Ofun Otrupon.

Ifá where the different dialects emerged and man acquired the ability to communicate with his peers.

In this sign, the person must use this gift for their benefit and that of humanity, sowing dialogue instead of arguments and conflicts in the world.

Orula says that you You must use intelligence over force, as this is the path that will lead you to success.

Sign powerful warnings:

  • This is an Ifá of evolution and prosperity, under this letter the religious will know several countries establishing relationships with people from all over the world.
  • In Ofun Otrupon as long as there is respect everything will be fine, this is the pillar on which man must build his life, his present and his future.
  • You cannot be condemned to live without dreams and without love, because in the positive energy that surrounds these good phenomena you will find the strength you need to not give up.

Pataki: Due to lack of understanding, man did not reach the sky

The pataki relates that Olofin commissioned men to build a tower with which they could reach the sky.

To run this doaña the great Orisha provided them with all the necessary materials, at the beginning of the construction a group of architects baptized the tower with the name of Babel.

As time went by, the incompatibility of characters made a dent in the work and the construction was stopped because its creators were not able to agree.

orula Through this story, he transmits to the religious people the need to know how to take advantage of the opportunities that the eggunes and orishas offer and not to put projects aside due to lack of dialogue.

If it is in your hands, you must fight so that those plans are consolidated, because if they do not flow properly, everyone will be affected.

The osogbos of Ofun Otrupon are the lack of union and understanding

The main Osogbos of Ofun Otrupon are:

  • The lack of unity and
  • understanding at home.

In this letter the unified family will never be defeated, when this fails the person lives the arayé of the sign.

It is necessary for the religious not to be intimidated and to work on resolving their differences with the family, because with the help of respect and tolerance, any timely dialogue will be well received.

It is taboo in this sign:

  • Disrespect parents and godparents, because the person may fall into disgrace.

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