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Advice from Ofun Otura: In the unknown lies success

Ofun Otura Tips

Orula says in his advice that Ofun Otura It is a sign in which the religious must be ebbo urgently.

When this letter comes out, it is necessary for the godson to pay the godfather his consultation fees.

In this odun the person is cursed, being necessary that the pertinent ceremonies be carried out in order to guarantee the purification of his astral body.

Worship Shango, the Orisha who owns music, war and candle

Ofun Otura speaks of impotence in men and frigidity in women.

  • The stick and the leaves that will save the religious come from Jobo, a sacred plant in this sign.

Ifá says that you should worship Shango, the Orisha who owns music, war and the candle, because this saint will grant you many blessings throughout your life.

In Ofun Otura Orisha Oko got caught in the plow

In this sign Orisha Oko got entangled with the plow.

The pataki relates that while the great farmer was working his plow he was stopped by the body of a deceased who was buried there.

From that day on the Orisha was disturbed by the action of this spirit and had to go to the foot of Orula so that the great soothsayer would restore peace to him.

The same happens with the person who is governed by this sign, he must visit the Oracle to find the tranquility he needs.

  • In this odun you should not attend to funerals or funerals, neither should the person work in funeral sectors because they will be delayed.

The iré of Ofun Otura is found in the art of communicating

Be grateful so that your life flows better, do not incur debt or make false testimonies about anyone.

In this sign, the person must take care of the vocal cords, as they will be prone to diseases that compromise this device.

The iré of Ofun Otura is found in the art of communicating, says Orula that speaking with the people around him you will achieve great luck.

Never give up your projects, never give up

Finish each task that you undertake, do not leave anything halfway because when you abandon the project once it is structured, someone else will award it to you and you will be the only one who comes out when the company bears fruit.

Learn to listen the advice that your friends offer you, keep the good of it and discard the part that you think will not be of use to you.

Do not close to the arrival of new opportunities, because often in the unknown you will find success.

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