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Ofun Oyekun: The religious cannot give up until he gets what he wants

Tips Ofun Oyekun

Says Ofun Oyekun that before the religious makes any consecration, it must be done ebbó so that he does not collect the osogbos left by his godson.

In this sign the person cannot give up until they get what they want, even if they go through difficult trials they will find success if they persevere and do not lose faith.

In this Ifá it was born that the plate is raised to the iyawó after eating and that once the person has died, the ceremony of the ituto is performed.

In this sign, the man can suffer from impotence, a phenomenon that will be conditioned among other factors by overwork.

In this odun all will pay together for sinners

Orula says that in this odun all will pay together for sinners.

By means of this letter the religious must be very clear in how much situation he is involved, because when the event has a fatal outcome it will not matter how much you did or how much you did not, you will have the same responsibility as the rest of those involved.

Ifá where by being in the wrong place the person suffers consequences

In this odun, it is taboo to cover up others and assume foreign responsibilities, as the pataki relates that Ikú (death) came to earth in search of a person and when he found another taking his place, he took her away.

In this sign it is forbidden to be in the wrong place and at the wrong time, because if so, you will pay the consequences.

In order for him to accompany Ofun, Oyekun must wear a cascarilla with him

In order for him to accompany Ofun Oyekun, the religious must wear a cascarilla in his pocket.

  • When the person is ill it is necessary that he paint his face and hands with the efun ball so that he can engañawas death.

At home you can not miss the cascarilla, as this will be your greatest defense weapon.

If you want to read about how to do the Cascarilla Homemade you can click here

Ifá says that you should be considerate and attentive to your mother

Ofun Oyekun is defended by Elegguá and Shangó, Orishas who protect you and your family.

In this Ifá it is the duty of the religious to watch over his brothers and to be the head of the family.

Ifá says that you must be considerate and attentive to your mother while she is alive and when by Olofin's decision she passes into the world of truth, you must continue to honor her spirit so that she may obtain the light and development that her soul deserves.

Other religious advice to respect in Ofun Oyekun:

  • When the religious wishes to make an evolution to overcome difficulties, he must sleep on a mat in front of his Ifá.
  • You may not wear jute bag clothing.
  • Be careful not to have an accident in which your legs are injured.
  • Respect disabled people, as one of your enemies will suffer from this condition.

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