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6 Tips from Ogbe Ika: Prestige is a priceless treasure

Ogbe Ika Tips

Never take anything that does not belong to you.

This is the first advice that Ifa reveals through this letter, where honesty will be your greatest defense and at the same time the greatest virtue that will allow you to win any war.

This virtue will be the key that will open many doors in your day to day life and although some ignorant people consider that a good reputation is not of much use, Orunmila shows that they are wrong and that prestige is an incalculable treasure.

1. Do not lend any of your assets, because you can never get them

You are a person who was born with luck and for this reason some people envy you and, moved by this base feeling, wish you evil and pride themselves on raising false testimonies.

Do not lend money or any property you own, because whoever is in debt to you will be unable to repay you, an event that will bring many misfortunes to your life.

2. Do not meddle in matters that do not concern you

Do not take sides in problems, or in decisions outside of you and your family, because if the event to be defined goes as expected, you will be praised, but if it does not, you will bear all the blame for failure.

3. The spirits are what give you luck

Attend to your familiar spirits and by affinity so that luck does not abandon you, as this divine gift reaches your hands every day through the Eggunes, who tirelessly watch over you and your family.

4. You surround yourself with people who wish you evil

Ifá warns you that you are surrounded by false friends and people who do not wish you well.

He advises him to remove the blindfold, because unfortunately on the world not all beings are good or have good intentions.

5. Be selective in choosing your friends

Do not give anyone valuables to keep, because when it is time to claim them the executor will explain that they are lost.

Be careful, because with any of these garments you could be worked.

Be selective in choosing your friends and the homes you visit, and exercise caution whenever you must spend the night away from home. 

6. The ildé and Orunmila's necklace are powerful talismans

Use the eleke and ildé of orunmila, or failing that, one of the two garments, because under the Orunmila brand you will always be protected from all evils.

Turn a deaf ear to dire comments you may hear from yourself, clear up gossip, or waste time with what is worthless.

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