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6 Tips from Ogbe Irete: Learn a little more about this Ifá sign

Tips Ogbe Irete

Eshú, the Orisha owner of destiny it is a bulwark in the life of the religious.

In Ogbe Irete there is a pact between the religious and Elegguá that must be sealed by means of an animal sacrifice.

Obedience and respect are owed to this saint, all promises made in his name must be paid and always be faithful to the word given before this deity.

1. The father is a bulwark in the life of the son

In the Ogbe Irete odun, the father is a fundamental pillar in the child's life, in the same way that the godfather is.

If by chance of fate the individual's father was absent, he will show regret, becoming his greatest protection.

Despite the virtues or defects of the father, the religious owes respect to this figure in his life.

2. DO NOT curse, as this will delay you

However difficult the circumstances in your life may become, never curse your luck, as this will bring you further delay.

In this sign, the religious, out of desperation and disbelief, can make the mistake of despising orunmila, who will be one of the greatest treasures he has owned.

3. Ifá says avoid problems with justice

This letter speaks of problems with justice for possession and consumption of illicit substances such as narcotics.

Alcoholic beverages should be respected and you should not wander late at night on the street.

You should not get involved in crowds as they can confuse you and this action will cost you your life, due to the aforementioned:

  • Borrowed clothes are not worn,
  • nor do they wear dark glasses at night.

4. In this odun the tributes are born in the river

The spirits that are born in the river speak through this odun, those who request that you provide them with assistance on the shore of your house to achieve greater unfoldment and firmness in the plane of the earth.

In Ogbe Irete, prayers are made to Oshún with:

  • Canistel seeds,
  • ground cinnamon and
  • sunflowers

5. In Ogbe Irete one does not live with descendants of Oyá

Under this odun no marriage is contracted with daughters or sons of Oyá yansa, because the union will be detrimental to both in the long run due to lack of compatibility and revolutions created by the Eggunes.

Orunmila marks on this path to reinforce Oggun, for being a stick in the life of the individual.

6. Do you know the herbs that save Ogbe Irete?

This religious is recommended to wear the necklaces of Orunmila and Oshun together, because these elekes will bring you development and health.

The herbs that save Ogbe Irete are:

  • Removes the curse,
  •  the fine grass and
  • the Atiponlá.

With these plants, the religious will be able to free himself from all kinds of curses and, in reverse, attract the go to his home.

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