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Tips and Warnings of the Irous Ogbe Sign: Olofin's protégé

Tips Ogbe Iroso

Ogbe Iroso is a peculiar sign of Ifá, since this is the only odun in which the religious is protected directly by Constitution, who always has it under his gaze.

The person born under this letter is very lucky and it is said that his aura has special vibrations, which exonerate him from receiving the evil eye or other curses by the action of the supreme Orisha.

In this sign the person gets to obtain many things he wants, sometimes enjoying a wealthy economic position, but he must learn to live in humility because in cultivating this value is the key to his success.

How does Ogbe Iroso defeat enemies?

In order for Ogbe Iroso to be able to defeat the enemies, he must consecrate a knife at the foot of Elegguá, patron saint and owner of the twenty-one paths of destiny.

With this work the Orisha works to unearthañaing the entanglements that can disturb the life of the religious.

So this knife in addition to keeping the osogbos away:

  • It has the power to bring the iré and stability closer,
  • keeps people who want to dañarlo and
  • Drive away evil spirits and phenomena.

¡Don't make false promises!

Ifá advises in this letter not to appropriate what is foreign, whether they are material things or roles, because at a certain moment due to this you can suffer an embarrassment.

orunmila advises the individual to go as far as he can and nullify the making of false promises from his life.

The person in this odun must adjust to his reality and his possibilities and not pretend to have, or be more than he is.

Ogbe Iroso's secret is in the Osha

The fulfillment with the Osha is the secret to win in Ogbe Iroso, since in the holy room the person will receive the consecrations they need to get ahead and obtain the blessings of the Orishas.

Nutmeg is one of the sacred seeds in this odun and with these the religious can make ebbó to get rid of the osogbos.

Because of envy, plans are broken

Ogbe Iroso is an Ifá where slander reigns and people are in anticipation of all events, both for better and for worse.

So it is necessary to be reserved in your affairs, because because of envy plans are broken.

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