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Tips for the Ogbe Iwori sign The roots keep the tree standing!

Tips Ogbe Iwori

Ogbe Iwori describes a person as a street lamp and the darkness of his house, an individual who likes to wander on the sidewalks and stay under his roof for a short time.

Ifá recommends you stay away from parties, alcohol and bad vices, because because of these you can get lost.

It is recommended to create a solid foundation in your life:

  • Forming a happy family,
  • having a stable job and
  • saving money for posterity.

Respect the homes of others

orunmila He warns you to respect married people, as meddling in marriages will bring you backwardness and embarrassment.

You surround yourself with people who appreciate you only for interest in your finances and who want to live parasitizing your luck.

In Ogbe Iwori the person is unjustly accused of robbery, this letter marks problems with the police.

It is strictly forbidden to attempt against his life, this is an Ifá that in osogbo can lead to make bad decisions in moments of despair.

Ogbe Iwori is lucky for money

Ogbe Iwori is a very lucky person for money, and it is recommended to seek love with a cool head so as not to be involved in relationships out of interest.

Orunmila is an Orisha who will always defend him, freeing him from evils and betrayals, always keep him respect and veneration.

Avoid getting wet with rainwater at all costs

In Ogbe Iwori, when a person gets wet with rainwater, his luck runs out and he can become ill.

  • You are haunted by the envy and malevolence of people.
  • Never make decisions or impulses driven by revenge, as this will lead to complete failure.

Do not tempt death or osogbos

Keep your secrets from the public interest so that you succeed in life.

In this sign, no holes are crossed so as not to tempt death or osogbos, it is necessary for you to walk carefully down the street because you must avoid stepping on witchcraft and hexes, to do so you will be charged with other people's osogbos.

This letter marks luck in the lottery and gambling.

Pride will always be your worst enemy

Ifá recommends you act with humility and disinterest.

Learn to appreciate the value of little things so that mañaNa know how to value what you have.

Odun of sudden changes and loneliness

Ogbe Iwori is an odun of sudden changes, where you can lose your luck overnight.añana and plunge into extreme poverty.

It is recommended to save your finances for times of need and old age, raise your children selflessly, teaching them to love their family and take care of the elderly, so that when you are an old man you will not see yourself alone.

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