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Tips from Ogbe Obara: Where the secrets of Obatalá and Olokun are born

Tips Ogbe Obara

Ogbe Obara is an odun who treasures many of the secrets ceremonial of Obatala, dominating the virtues of breadfruit, a religious element that is used in the performance of various rituals, among which the following stand out:

  • The head prayer and
  • carrying out polishing baths with its leaves and an egg white.

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Ifá Tips in the Ogbe Obara Sign

The individual who is governed under this odun does not skimp on efforts to obtain what he wants in life, he is a persevering person and with a lot of willpower, therefore, he ends up achieving his dreams.

Beware of enemies and false friends:

This letter is marked with outlines of treason, the person is constantly watched by the enemies who lurk waiting for the appearance of the slightest opportunity to deploy the attack.

orunmila he warns the religious to turn a deaf ear to the advice of false friends, who truly wish the evil of the individual, thus inciting him to make bad decisions so that he fails.

Attentions to Olokun, the owner of the ocean

Ogbe Obara demands that the jar be changed to Olokun and that an adimú (offering) be made periodically to this saint for being a bulwark in the house.

Because it immortalizes:

  • The unity of the family,
  • health,
  • home,
  • the treasures and secrets that are kept that are sometimes as deep as the ocean, where the deity habita chained.

The Taboos of Ogbe Obara

  • In this odun, self-sacrifice is not given to others, because in the long run they will not recognize your effort.
  • Avoid red beans, as they are taboo in this odun of Ifá.
  • Death constantly haunts you, but Olofin is the one who will determine the day you die.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, as product consumption can cause a hot flash.
  • The person must beware of heart attacks mediated by stress or strong emotions.

In this sign, the weakest point in the body is the heart, which is why it deserves special care.

In Ogbe Obara the Ituto does not stop

In Ogbe Obara the individual has the gates of heaven open, so it is very difficult for his Ituto to stop.

He is well received in his moment of leaving for another better world by Olodumare, who will benefit him with the peace of eternal rest.

After the death of the person, the spiritual novena must be carried out, so that the soul finishes reaching the light it needs.

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