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Advice from Ogbe Ofun: Ifá where ebbó is made with an iron chain

Ogbe Ofun Tips

The iron chain on the door of Ogbe Ofun's house cuts home penetration of sorceries and osogbos.

This enchanted object is in turn in charge of retaining the iré, preventing, in reverse of the aforementioned, blessings from leaving the house.

Curiosities and tips about the Ogbe Ofun sign

Under this odun, human beings longed to know the secret of eternal life, so they constantly came to the house of Orunmila the great fortune teller of Ifá so that with his Ashe the Orisha would help them to contract the desired immortality.

Orula laughed saying:

My children, as long as you are capable of taking care of yourself, you will live. 

  • When the religious looks at himself for reasons of illness and this sign appears, it is necessary for him to do ebbó to improve his health.
  • For this Ifá, children should be educated by teaching them not to be selfish or quarrelsome.
  • In Ogbe Ofun the children collect harmful spirits, to the point that it is necessary to perform dissimilar ceremonies to rid them of the disturbance.

Don't be infatuated or your destiny will be twisted

Orunmila says that you are looking to obtain an impossible, do not become infatuated with what does not belong to you so that you do not suffer disappointments.

This letter witnessed the birth of fear and with it caution came to earth.

Clothing you should NOT wear

  • Avoid wearing dark-colored clothing, because through the color black you are delayed.
  • Do not dress in the clothes of the dead, for the spirit that owns the garments will disturb your way.

Ogbe Ofun odun where the sunset is born

The sunset is one of the representations of this odun, where the end of various events, opportunities and even life itself is described.

The sunset embodies the closing of cycles in the life of the human being, where it is necessary to leave behind the ghosts of the past to live a happy present.

Persuasion is your instrument to win wars

Ifá prohibits man from meddling in gossip, reveals the importance of not using the word in vain and always respecting others.

Do not argue with people who are incapable of reasoning, try to better convince them through persuasion.

  • Be grateful to the people who have reached out to you and repay them with good deeds.
  • Do not abuse alcoholic beverages or share the secret of your luck with anyone.

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