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5 Tips from Ogbe Ojuani: Never leave the place where you are esteemed

Tips Ogbe Ojuani

Ogbe Ojuani is the odun where you should pay more attention to your own problems than to those of others, because by going around solving the issues of others, you neglect your own.

Ifá recommends stop being a lamp in the street and darkness in the house, because under the roof of the home is where the true family is, the one that regardless of the time or the day will do for you.

1. Always respect the being you were born from

orunmila recommends that you give your mother the courage she deserves and that you repay her with good deeds for the act of giving her life.

This letter marks making a sacrifice to his guardian angel, a saint who accompanies him.añaIt will be for the rest of his life, with whom he must always count and be faithful to his advice, paying special attention to his warnings.

2. Product of an infidelity will destroy your family

Ifá recommends that you stay away from infidelities, because with this act the destruction of your family will be looming.

False testimonies have arisen about you out of envy.

Always respect older people and ask your parents for advice when you need it, no matter how old you are.

3. Be grateful to the one who reached out to you

You are prone to love spells.

Ifá says that in the place where they treat him well and offer him love, never withdraw, or commit any act that could tarnish his reputation.

Be grateful to those who consider you a friend and have esteem for you, so that you can honor and reward such action.

4. Keep promises made

Do not make promises that you cannot keep and pay for those that you or someone in your family made before you left this world.

Repair all the objects that are damaged in your house and do not accumulate useless objects, because this is delayed.

When you have discomfort, go to the doctor, because the man in the white coat will be the one who will be able to put an end to these ailments.

5. Don't subordinate yourself to anyone financially, be independent

You were not born to work in the fields, but to develop in other labor sectors.

Fight for your monetary independence, so that you never have to be subjugated by anyone.

Do not argue with your blood or religious brothers, always try to solve misunderstandings by talking to them, in order to avoid greater evils and displeasure with your godparents.

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